Urban Development of Togo, Phase 2 (PAUT II)
Construction of the 4th Lake in the lagoon of Lomé

The lagoon system of Lomé is made of three lakes and had to be extended by a fourth artificial lake. The new lake, comprised of 30ha, is in the neighbouring wetlands. The new lake will be used as a drainage system of these neighbouring wetlands and at the same time collect the rainwater from the neighbourhood. As a result, living conditions of the inhabitants north-east of Lomé were greatly improved, minimising flooding and increasing the effectiveness of rainwater drainage.   

All in all, the project comprised of 3 Lots: 
Lot 1: Development of the 4thlake linked to the Canal de Bè,
Lot 2: Development of the Akodessewa and Kanyikopé canals with a sea outlet,
Lot 3: Development of the neighbourhood’s sanitation networks. 

Inros Lackner was amended to realise the hydraulic modelling the lagoon system, the design and the supervision of works. 

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