Rehabilitation of urban roads in Lomé

Project Management Services
Assuring Quality. Cost and Time

Part of Project Management are services such as Approval Management, Contract Management, Cost Controlling and Document Management. Regarding these services Inros Lackner is capable to ensure an efficient Project and Construction Management.

Approval & Contract Management: Our comprehensive consultancy services accompany you through your approval process until its efficient and successful conclusion.Why? Because, between a project’s commencement and its completion, all relevant approval procedures must be successfully managed. The content and duration of these procedures can be positively influenced by the early clarification and consideration of the applicable approval framework and requirements, and of local conditions. In addition, our experts in tendering, awarding and accounting are at the client’s side when it comes to selecting and appointing the right contractor for a project. We manage the entire process and support you in relation to funding applications. 

Efficient Cost Controlling and Timely Execution: Another aspect which is crucial, and a key element of our project management is cost controlling. We actively verify the correct invoicing of construction contracts and monitor costs and budgets. Vigorous monitoring of schedules ensures that deadlines are met. In doing this, we always consider the applicable engineering standards and ensure that the specified quality is achieved, and if appointed in a safety and health role, fulfil all associated responsibilities. 

Document Management: With Construction Management being a communication interface between client, contractor and public interest representatives it becomes more and more important to have a tight document management system. This is vital for all project phases and contributes largely to our Approval & Contract Management. It is our Job to keep the office shipshape!