Key data

  • Client: AGETUR Togo
  • Planning: 2008
  • Construction: 2009
  • Scope of planning:

    Analyses of current situation and environment
    Preliminary Design
    Detailed Design
    Cost / Quality Estimation
    Procurement and Contract Management 
    Bathymetric and Topographic Survey 
    Environmental and impact Study
    Project Management 
    Construction and Site Supervision 

Environmental impact and dredging study for the lagoon of Lomé

The lagoon of Lomé is part of ahuge lagoon system extending from Ivory Coast to Nigeria. The east lake, with a surface of approximately 30 ha and the Grand Equalizing Canal, the length of which is 2.7km are both part of this lagoon system. Due to heavy fecal entry, siltation of both canal and lake increased considerably in the past few years. Algea growth thus increased whereas the retention volume decreased. As both gravity sewers that usually discharge water from the lagoon into the sea, were congested, heavy flooding occurred in the area and thus impacted the neighbouring inhabitants, during the rainy season. In Januray 2008, INROS LACKNER was charged with the elaboration of an environmental study and a dredging programme to improve the current situation. 

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