Lomé lagoon network extension, Togo
New lake and open canal system

Lomé’s lagoon network, which to date consisted of three lakes, is now to be extended to include a fourth lake. This lake, with an area of approximately 27 hectares, is to be created in an adjacent swamp area, and has the function of draining the swamp while also taking the rainwater that falls on the neighbouring urban area. In addition to the fourth lake, an open drainage system (length approx. 30 km) is also being constructed, which will connect to the lake and carry excess water to the sea.

The construction will be carried out in work packages as follows:

• Work package 1: Creation of a lake of size 27 ha
• Work package 2: Construction of a feeder drain (length 4 km) and an outflow drain (length 6 km)
• Work package 3: Upgrading of the adjacent drainage network (upgraded length 30 km)

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