Key data

  • Client: Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport
  • Planning: 2019-2020
  • Scope of planning:

    Elaboration of a masterplan for the Togolese coastline
    Environmental and Impact Assessment Study
    Evaluation of urgent measures to be taken 
    Define the conditions of the following implementations
    Social & Economical Study 
    Financial Forecast 

Togolese Coastline
Masterplan Study & Environmental Assessment

The Togolese coastline stretches over a length of 50 km. If compared to the total surface area of the country, 50km represent just a small percentage of the country. Yet 36% of the population are living close to the Togolese coastline and more than 80% of the economy is in that area. Based on these numbers it is important to ensure a safe environment in that region. That goal is threatened by the climate change, which results in the rise of the sea level and extreme weather events like floods that are becoming more common. Additionally, erosion is also affecting the shape of the coastline and people’s life’s. Some parts of the coastline even lose 20m per year. Regarding these points a sustainable and compatible solution needed to be found for the future of that region. 

Inros Lackner Togo has been assigned to establish a masterplan for the Togolese coastline. In addition to the masterplan Inros Lackner Togo will also establish a social & economical study and an Environmental Impact study. Both these studies and the masterplan will enable the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to priorities works for the future of the region. 

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