Road Network Rehabilitation of Autonomous Port of Lomé

The road network in the Port of Lomé was built in the 60s. Over 40 years little investement and maintenance were made. With a significant growth in commercial exchange and an increased number of cargo volume, the road pavement had become severely damaged and was as a result in urgent need of rehabilitation works. 

After the realization of the Master Plan for the Port of Lomé in 2010 by INROS LACKNER and thanks to the financial support of the West African Development Bank, serious steps towards the rehabilitation of the works had finally been accomplished. In 2014, INROS LACKNER was commissioned by the port authority with the design and supervision of the works. The works are comprised of a preliminary and detailed design a Tender and Procurement Phase and the supervision phase. All in all, 7 km of paved road will be rehabilitated, including a new water management system, new lighting and a toll both system for entering and exiting vehicles.  

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