Construction of groynes and paved road
Project and Supervision Management

This project aims to solve two challenges of the future in the southern region of Togo. One of them is the rehabilitation of the national road N°2/3 and the other one is the implementation of 28 groynes for coastal protection. The national road N°2/3 is in total 55km long, connecting the two countries Ghana and Benin through Togo. Additionally this road link has a large social and economically impact on the region. To ensure that this social and economic dynamic is upheld the national road N2/3 will be rehabilitated, modernized and extended up to 2x2 lanes between Avepozo and Togokomé. 

Additionally, to ensure that the newly rehabilitated road is sustainable for the long term development of the country, coastal protection measures will also be initiated. In the past some groynes and breakwaters have already been installed to stabilize the coastline. Now further actions will be taken to archive that goal. For this reason, 28 new groynes will be built and 920.000 m³ relocated. Inros Lackner Togo was selected to execute the supervision of works for the rehabilitation of the 10km road and for the installations of 28 groynes.

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