Monitoring and Testing
Where theory and practice meet

Inros Lackner Cambodia has successfully been providing monitoring and testing services for more than a decade. Monitoring and testing usually means the measurement of strain, deflection and settlement of structural members under real, simulated load conditions. The measurements provide the design engineers with valuable information that confirm the analysis results and allow the optimisation of the design. Monitoring and testing is also a powerful quality assurances tool.

Our services include:

Monitoring of deep excavations and lateral supports

Quality assurance for deep foundations

  • Static pile load tests,
  • High strain dynamic testing of foundation piles
  • Low strain dynamic testing of foundation piles
  • Pile integrity testing by cross-hole sonic logging

Static load testing of building floors

Pull-out tests for construction fittings

Pull-off and tensile strength testing for floor and wall finishes

Our engineers have a range of test equipment at their disposal for the non-destructive assessment of existing structures.