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We offer:

Project and Site Management 

Project and construction management
Goal-oriented quality assurance

Communication, documentation, transparency and technical expertise – these are the four pillars of our project management system. In concrete terms, this means that we, for example in the role of General Planner on your project, offer technical expertise covering the complete range of services in construction planning and design, up to and including approvals and construction management. We also facilitate improved communication between the involved parties, not only for increased openness and accountability but also for enhanced stability throughout the project’s duration. This enables us to ensure that the delivered solution will be sustainable and fully in line with client requirements, and that the project, guided by us from the initial concept to the final approval, will be completed on time and within budget.

The use of a modern quality gate approach sets new standards in project management. With the help of clearly defined quality criteria, the decision on whether or not to proceed to the next project phase is taken at quality gate meetings. We think in a process-oriented way, we proactively manage the planning, design and construction processes, we evaluate any external and internal influences and react accordingly, and we strive to add value in any way possible. In close cooperation with all other involved parties, we thus lead the project to a successful completion.

Definition of tasks, preparation of a programme for the overall project

Definition of prerequisites in relation to all involved parties

Creation and monitoring of agreed organisation, schedule and payment plans

Coordination and control of all involved parties

Preparation of those involved and liaison with otherwise affected parties

Updating of planning and design objectives and resolution of objective conflicts

Keeping the client informed about project progress

Proactively supporting the client, in a timely manner, in relation to all decisions required