Structural Engineering
Value engineering for your structures

Construction projects are subject to numerous requirements. Our objective is to develop innovative and feasible structural solutions in cooperation with our clients and the entire team of architects and engineers. We explore, develop and design the most suitable construction methods to ensure that your investment is enduring and feasible. Our services cover a large variety of standard engineering services such as analyses and design for:

reinforced, pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete structures

steel and aluminium structures

timber structures

contemporary structures made of fabric and glass

The rehabilitation of existing buildings becomes increasingly important and offers a great deal of design potential. The primary goal is to improve, adapt and expand the building for changed requirements and usage. The existing structures are studied and analysed, structural improvements are designed having regards to ongoing operations. 

Weak soil conditions do mostly require special but costly foundation solutions to ensure stability and appropriate settlements. Our structural engineers and geotechnical specialists do closely cooperate to evaluate and design the most feasible solution for your project.