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Levés et Etudes Environnementales
Levés bathymétriques et topographiques

Inros Lackner Togo executes topographic and bathymetric surveys on an international scale.With experienced experts and the latest equipment at our disposal, Inros Lackner Togo is capable to intervene during all project phases, from the planification phase up until the execution and completion of the project, respecting rigorously, international norms and standards.Timely execution of all related operations, quality and precise data collection and detailed cartographic results is part of our tradition and value. Our motto, every mission completed is a guarantee of quality results.  

En outre, Inros Lackner Togo dispose d’experts chevronnés capables de réaliser des études environnementales de tout type de projet. Nous fournissons des études spécifiques comme:

  • La durabilité environnementale
  • L’évaluation et l’analyse des terrains contaminés 
  • Les études Environnementales et Sociales
  • Les Audits Environnementaux et Sociaux