Water Management Study and Design of Flood Control Structures
CMIC Cement Plant in Kampot Province

In 2016, Inros Lackner Cambodia was contracted by Chip Mong Insee Cement Corporation to conduct a Water Management Study with regards to the construction of a cement plant. The study was composed of a desk study, a field survey including an aerial photogrammetric and hydraulic survey, field reconnaissance as well as the development of a water management concept. The water management concept included the establishment of water demand for plant processes and other uses. The demand was compared to water supply and recommendations were made regarding water monitoring and environmental management.
Moreover, existing concept drawings for water supply, stormwater drainages and wastewater drainages were reviewed with the help of hydrodynamic analysis and design changes were proposed based on the findings.
One of the recommendations in the water management study was to control the water level of a rainwater storage pond located at the downstream end of the property by constructing an injection well and a spillway.
In 2018, the client commissioned Inros Lackner Cambodia to develop the detailed design for these structures.

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