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We offer:

Structural Design  

Building Inspections and Assessments

Strengthening and Upgrading 

Structural Testing  


Structural Engineering and Building Assessment
Structural integrity matters

Already in the early stages of the design process, our structural engineers collaborate closely with architects and other specialists in developing the optimal design for your structure. With the help of FEM software, architectural visions and engineering diligence are transformed into structural designs. 3D models enable the proposed concepts to be visualised long before they become reality. 

Rehabilitation and retrofitting of existing structures is often the most economic option for our Clients. The remodelling and structural rehabilitation of a building, or civil structure is a challenging and exiting task for our architects and engineers and requires years of collective experience.

We have carried out structural building surveys and assessments for private sector clients and publicly financed organisations in Cambodia for more than a decade. The structures surveyed range from the temples of Angkor to colonial buildings to contemporary reinforced concrete and steel structures. Our engineers have a wide range of investigation equipment at their disposal and years of experience in applying it.