Hanoi Biotech Park
Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi Bio - High Tech Park is a major project for the city and part of the strategic development to meet the growing needs of the national economy in Vietnam. The construction site for this project is approximately 200 ha and  located in the northwest of Hanoi, about 15km from the center in the green belt of the city.

The functional composition follows the idea of a compact city with short ways and connections .

The main functions include biotech research & development institutes/logistic, health care centers, public buildings, administrative buildings, higher education establishments, living area/resettlement for experts, green areas and roads.

All functional quarters are arranged around a perfect circle – the central park - creating short cuts and pleasant walks and bicycle rides through the central park.

The city of Hanoi as well as the Central government pays high attention This Eco-friendly smart city and is planned to build up a Life Science Community, where work, research, study and living is thought as a whole.

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